Devious Demon Dudes

Long Term Utility and Roadmap Update

Dear Demon Dudes & Dudettes,

A little update on our long-term plans.

#DemonTime launched last night and we already have over 3100 followers on Twitter and 1800 members on Discord.

There is still an opportunity to get a Demon Dude on the ground floor before the upcoming reveal!

Keep in mind these plans are still in the early stage. Nothing down below is final until an official announcement comes out. We will discuss the plans with the community to get your feedback. Let us know anything you would like to see! Devious Demon Dudes is a community-driven project and the community always comes first.

Our current partners as of now are Kolectiv, Zenft Garden Society and Drippies. Details of potential future plans with each are below.

Details of Current Partnerships

Potential future plans with

Exclusive cards on the Kolectiv platform only for Devious Demon Dudes. Early Presale opportunities, Devious Demon Dudes designs a card for Kolectiv, Devious Demon Dudette Giveaway to Kolectiv holders, Option for Devious Demon Dudes to unlock T-Shirt with their Demon on the Kolectiv platform.

Zenft Garden Society

Potential future plans with Zenft Garden Society

Exclusive benefits for holders of Devious Demon Dudes with Bonsai Background. Integration in the Garden Metaverse. Devious Companions giveaway to Zenft Holders. Merchandise Collaboration. Presales and discounts on projects by both our team and their team.


Potential future plans with Drippies

666 Lucky Devious Demon Dudes will be made into Drippies. All 6666 Devious Demon Dudes will get discounts on Devious Demon Dudes X Drippies Toys. These Drippies will be limited edition with one being given for free to the Devious Demon Dudes holder. The rest will be sold. The Devious Demon Dude holder would get a profit share on Drippies sales of their Demon. The Drippie model will also be available for use in the Metaverse. Limited edition raffle of exclusive Devious Demon Dudes X Drippies Physical Toys.

Future Utility Plans (Names of potential partners can’t be revealed until the deals are finalized.)

Liquidity Pool —Our members will be able to swap their demon with another in the pool, as well as stake to earn passive income.

Gamification of NFTs — Play to Earn and digital trading card game on Immutable X (Based on Demon Traits and the 7 Sins trait)

Bring NFTs to the Music Community- Empowering and connecting musicians, artists, and producers through events to collaborate, network, and grow their following. We are in talks with a big name artist and their record company (One of our founding team members has connections in the music industry and is a producer)

Very early talks with a leading NFT project for billboard ads to increase brand awareness and benefit both communities. Potential for incorporating Demon Themes in their project.

Talks with another NFT project for a partnership. DDD will have their own Devious Demon Dudes assets in the game. This will allow Demon Dudes to have an advantage in the game when it is released. (One of our founders works on their team as well)

Metaverse Community — DDD holders will have exclusive benefits in the communities we build in games like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels.

Examples are in-game DDD Wearables, Music/art showcase events, and networking/job fair events. (We will be applying for the Decentraland grant as well)

Partnership with an innovative NFT project to benefit both communities. Allow our members to mine NFTs or maybe incorporate a mining mechanic on our website.

Partnership with an NFT project that allows users to customize their 3D touch-sensitive Avatar. (Early talks)

Partnership with a leading NFT project for Devious Demon Dudes to be available as a skin or wearables for their NFTs. (Early talks)

Live events/shows — DDD holders will have exclusive access to live performances by artists and musicians (One of our team members is a producer and has music industry contacts.)

Our team already has future plans in the works. As of right now, they include the following:

-Devious Demon Dudettes

-Devious Companions


-Physical Demon Trading Cards

-Who is the most Devious Dude? (Users will be able to vote on which Demon they like best; the winner will win a reward) (Each Demon Dude who wants to take part can contribute the backstory of their demon)

-3D Avatars for use in the Metaverse

-AR/VR Devious Demon Dudes

-Name and Customize your Devious Demon Dude (Separate traits, the core traits won’t change)

-Comic Book Series both in NFT form and accompanying physical comic books (Demon Dude holders will decide which Demons take part. The chosen Demons will get a revenue share from each comic sold).

6666 unique procedurally generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain